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Uli Rennert ist Pianist, Komponist und Elektroniker und lebt als freischaffender Musiker und Universitätsdozent in Graz in Österreich. Uli Rennerts künstlerische Arbeit dreht sich seit vielen Jahren um den Einsatz von Synthesizern und Live-Elektronik als expressives Instrumentarium und um die Erforschung der Schnittstellen zwischen Komposition und Improvisation. - Uli Rennert is an Austrian pianist, synthesist, and composer. Rennert is focusing on synthesizers and live-electronics used as expressive musical instruments, and he explores the area between composition and improvisation.
Uli Rennert, jazz, contemporary music, piano, synthesizer, composer, improvisation, producer, Graz, Austria
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Late But Great

Late But Great

Project S kommt zu späten Ehren in einer fulminanten Kritik auf The Sound Projector. Hier einige Auszüge:

The work is framed by the history of chamber music and small ensemble composition. Yet, Peter Kunsek’s exquisite clarinet and Peter Herbert’s bass are disrupted by Rennert’s restless instrumental leaps from synthesizer to live electronics, or lap steel guitar. The final product is a sharp pan-modernism where all forms and styles are engaged and all techniques given equal weighting. […] Everything from counterpoint to digital sampling is available to access and deftly incorporated by an ensemble with an extensive and close history together.

This is modern classical music divorced from previous social, societal and historical rhetoric…

… on Project S the juggling of these diverse elements is an indication of the skill and imagination of all involved and Rennert’s role as composer and collaborative node. The work is a fascinating response to the dilemma of what orchestrated chamber music is and what it can offer for this generation of musicians.

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