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My long time friend and colleague Heinrich von Kalnein has a great saxophone-quartet this year at the KUG-Jazzinstitute here in Graz. He asked me to write some music for the group and wanted me to take part as a player as well. So I wrote a larger composition in three movements for the five of us:

Three For Five

for Synthesizer and Saxophone-Quartet

  1. Meditation – Exercise
  2. Listen – Absorb
  3. Rage – Serenity

The music is mostly written out, with some improvisation here and there – contemporary chamber music, I would say. I dedicated the work to the memory of Albert Mangelsdorff and John Coltrane, who both influenced my life as well as my music very much.

We had a recording already, and played some concerts, along with some other tunes Heinrich and I were modifying for the quartet plus me on synthesizer. And it came all out very nice and atmospheric.

A release along with other music of the quartet is in the works…

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